bright red blood 39 weeks pregnant

I have been bleeding for 10 days now. the first three days were real light. since then it has been bright red. alot in my urine. and bright red blood 39 weeks pregnant some clots. I .

If you had an early miscarriage 3 weeks ago and had a vaginal ultrasound and the pregnancy was over and now you have bright red blood and mucus is this part of the .

Hi ladies, Yesterday my Dr stripped my membranes and I had some brownish, mucus spotting all day. I also had serious contrax last night and I thought it was time but .

Last time I went to the ER for vomiting blood they told me it was a broken blood vessel in my throat cause by continuous vomiting. I have only vomited once

I just woke up and went to the bathroom, when I wiped there was blood on the toilet paper. It was not gushing out, but it was enough to cover the toilet paper, It .

hi girls, i woke up this morning and went to the loo. had a bowel movement and when i wiped there was bright red blood. Wiped again n there is nothing! Bowel .

Hello I am 8+2 weeks pregnant after a mm in Dec 2008 and 14 months of ttc since.. I have had sticky brown discharge on and off since 5 weeks, but have had 3 scans so .

hi im really worried as i have had 4 misscarrages in the past and never got this far which im sooo happy about but i went to the loo and had bright red blood 39 weeks pregnant a bit of red then pink .

Ask a doctor about bright red blood in stool 24 weeks pregnant, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, questions and answers, health articles, doctors, health tips about .

Best Answer: You might be in labor and im thinking the blood is from you dilating and/or effacing. But the bright red blood is something that should .

Best Answer: It might be your "bloody show". You can go into labor at any time if that's the case. A mucus plug actually looks like. a booger, its kind bright red blood 39 weeks pregnant of gross but .

35 weeks pregnant tiny dot of blood on toilet paper 39 weeks pregnant small spots of blood toilet
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