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WoW Rogue Guide - Detailed guide and WoW Rogue Build for the World of Warcraft Rogue class.

I got a few but I need a lot of help to find the right Human Rogue name. And yes this is Grimgun who posted this earlier. RATE them 1-10 Sephiroth Executioner .

I just rerolled a new character. I got tired of playing my Mage and wanted to try out a Rogue. What is a good Rogue leveling build to use? The

Class Forums > WoW: Rogues . im stuck for a name for my rogue that im about to roll, any ideas on a cool name for one? . I would good rogue names wow say that all depends on you and .

Best Answer: that is a pretty cool name. Paylientus. Acrilees. Arsilitous. Saf

World of Warcraft Rogues in some other games can be weak, and rarely do they make really good use of thieving or stealthing abilities. The World of Warcraft Rogue are .

Review the best World of Warcaft power leveling or WOW leveling guide for secrets & better Warcraft leveling strategies to attain level 80 on World of Warcaft.

I'm good rogue names wow trying to make another rogue and i can't think of any good names. _____

I have had people tell me what an epic rogue name I have. I think it looks a lot cooler with salty in front of it.

Tip: Names which are " "clever" " such as Xninjadude or Icritmypants or the like are in fact not good names and belong in that other Rogue name thread.

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I just started this to see what some other good names for rogues are. Mines name is Crazyninja and one of my favourites is bloodnknife. Also i thought gangksta was a .

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