what mage spec for pvp 4.2

So you've recently hit 85, done a couple of bg's or tol barad, and your getting a bit pwned. What spec do i choose? Yeah this happened to me today,

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what mage spec for pvp 4.2

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This is a good arcane mage pvp spec that will serve well for a 2v2 or 3v3 spec. I personally use this spec as an alt spec for fun in 2v2 and it does well. This spec .

Best Mage PVP Spec/Class Greetings all. I recently pre-ordered RIFT yesterday.. and will be playing what mage spec for pvp 4.2 tonight at the head start.. I never got a chance

Best Answer: Okay, this website will give you all the "cookie cutter" (the builds everyone uses basically) builds that there are.. you don't have to use these ones .

For PVP, there are a few popular Mage builds that are both viable and.

Elitist Jerks Mage PvP The Elitist Jerks have tons of information that will help you build your World of Warcraft mage for PvP. Chec. For a FREE video to learn the FIVE MOST COMMON mistakes newbies make in World of Warcraft PvP check out http://www .

Okay, I shall get straight to l� point, Yesterday I was doing some BG's and some world PvP etc and I was Destroying in Arcane, but with the nerfs I'm not too sure .

Date Posted: 6/4/05 3:21am Subject: RE: What is the best choice of talents for PVP Mage? Frost or Fire spec. Frost mage is currently vastly superior in PvP, I wouldn .

This is a great spec to have if you like kiting. You will have to rely
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